A marijuana smoking senior citizen named Catherine Hiller just came out to confess that she has been on pot for 50 years. She encountered a random police stop, but she did not go to jail. She also did not end up with addicted to heroin, since MJ is considered a gateway drug. Catherine also did not binge on weed, so she is not obese, which is a known side effect. What her actions led to was a book entitled “Just Say Yes: A Marijuana Memoir.”

Who is Catherine Hiller?

As an author, she already has a number of short stories and novels under her belt. She wrote entertaining pieces, which proved to be a challenge at times. She is a married woman, an activist’s daughter, and has three sons. When she was interviewed by the press, she wanted to prove that her life was not affected by smoking pot at all. And she confirmed this herself when she said that her marijuana use was no issue at all.

But Are There Really No Repercussions?

While the 68-year old may have turned out to be all right after coming out as a weed user for 50 years, this is not the case for minority youths. In fact, it is no secret that smoking pot can lead to jail time and of course, a criminal record. These two things are something that the writer disagrees about.

Her addiction, which she openly admits, started in the mid-1960s. She likens her dependency to people who love and cannot live without at least one cup of coffee every day. She continued her practice for half a century, although she did stop for three years after she met her husband, Mark. She also stopped during her pregnancy. She has had the same dealer for 35 years and actually offered her sons a joint when they were 18.

Weed everyday? One woman did it for 50 years / PicHelp
Weed everyday? One woman did it for 50 years / PicHelp

Hiller is not a party girl and is actually very composed. She understands that during the times when she is high, there are a few things she should not do, such as going to places where she does not know people and driving her car.

Marijuana is already legal in four states in the US, but Catherine Hiller believes it is time to expand the legalization to other places. While marijuana may be legal in some states and there are celebrities who endorse it, some experts still believe it is not time to get carried away with the pot craze.