Athletes love it, you should too.

Cupping therapy was relatively unknown to almost everyone in the West until recently when celebrities started endorsing it.

In China though, this alternative therapeutic method has been popular since 1000 BC and could possibly be older than that – as old as 3000 BC. It has indeed stood the test of time despite many other contemporary methods because of its many health benefits.

Before we get to the health benefits, let’s first describe what this is. Cupping therapy makes use of heated glass and sometimes plastic cups. These cups will be applied to areas of the skin, creating a vacuum seal. The suction, which the seal creates, brings your blood to the skin’s surface. This effect is said to help removenegative energies from your body. Cupping isn’t painful at all; however, it is normal to walk away with bruises along the areas where the cups were placed.

Cupping Therapy Benefits

So now, you’re probably wondering what’s so special about cupping therapy. This massage modality has a host of benefits that can even outweigh medicine techniques that we have today. Here are some of its best benefits for our health:

1. No Side Effects

Cupping therapy is an alternative practice, just like massage therapies and acupuncture. These methods don’t pose any kind of risk for unwanted side effects unlike with surgeries or pharmacological drugs.

2. Pain Reliever

One of the reasons why people turn to alternative treatment is because they want to safely reduce the pain they feel. Cupping therapy offers just that: a natural way to alleviate pain without side effects. A report found in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine showed that cupping therapy can:

  • Reduce lower back pain
  • Reduce pain associated with cancer treatments
  • Sooth pain in respiratory illnesses
  • Relax tense muscles and stiff neck
  • Improve rheumatism and reduce migraine occurrence

Cupping therapy is also believed to help with muscle cramps, scar tissue, and fatigue.

3. Relaxation

Cupping therapy can act as a tranquilizer to the central nervous system. It can lower stress responses, protecting the patient against depression and anxiety.

Athletes love it, you should too.
Athletes love it, you should too.

4. For the Skin

Cupping therapy can cure various skin maladies and even other benefits, such as:

  • Reduce herpes
  • Treat cellulite
  • Tone and firm the skin
  • Remove acne

Cupping therapy can also help strengthen the immune system and improve digestion among its many health benefits. It is not just a celebrity fad treatment, but is truly one of a kind. Although cupping is considered safe, some people bleed easily, so they should be cautious with this therapy, as well as pregnant women and those with skin ulcers and edema.