Urinary tract infections are quite common, particularly in women. Although this is an unfortunate fact, there are ways to prevent such infection. These methods can be classified into different categories: hygiene, diet, clothing, and activities. When done correctly, these natural preventive measures can actually be effective that you do not have to suffer from such infection.


When wiping, start from the front to back whenever you finish using the bathroom. If you reach from behind first, this will cause the germs from the rectum to be transferred to the tissue or your hand, which could result to UTI. It is also not a good practice to wipe twice and use the same tissue. Wiping motions should always be gentle.

Contrary to popular belief, prolonged baths will not do you good. It is actually more preferred to take showers as bath water can become contaminated by your own skin florae. Additionally, sitting in the tub welcomes bacteria into your bladder’s opening area.

UTI PreventionIf you feel like peeing, do not hold it. It is advisable to empty the bladder at least once every four hours when you are awake, even if you do not feel the need to pee.


Drinking enough water can help you combat urinary tract infections. Start with two glasses of water every time you eat. If your urine is darker than normal – which is very pale yellow – this means you do not have enough liquid in your body. Aside from water, drink cranberry juice to prevent UTIs. There are also cranberry pills which you can take to reduce the risk of getting this infection.


Avoiding UTIs means that you should also avoid the habit of wearing tight-fitting undergarments. Panties should be made of breathable materials, such as cotton, to avoid accumulating moisture. If moisture does build up, this will lead to softening of the skin and this will definitely attract bacterial growth. Cotton underwear is the most suggested for women.


If you play sports or any type of physical activity, it is important that you empty your bladder as frequently as possible. Do not forget to drink plenty of water, too or other fluids that may be available.

After sexual activity, be sure to take all the necessary precautions as this actually increases the risk of UTIs. It often introduces bacteria into the area of the body where your bladder is found, so emptying the bladder after intercourse is necessary. Drink at least two glasses of water as well and use a urinary antiseptic, as prescribed by your physician.

Just like any other type of health complications, prevention is always better than cure when it comes to UTIs in women. Practice proper hygiene, wear the right clothing, and drink plenty of water to stave off urinary tract infection.