Fresh produce is said to be the best way for consumers to gain the nutrients they need to have optimum health. Unfortunately, crops today are not free from pesticides, which are now a major health concern. Choosing organic foods offers you with health benefits and allows you to be a careful buyer; otherwise you could be exposing yourself and your family to chemicals that may be harmful to everyone’s health.

Pesticides should not be taken lightly as they do present several health risks, especially to children and older people with health concerns. Toxicity in foods is usually associated with the pesticides that are used in fruits and vegetables, which consumers believe are safe for them. Regrettably, regular or continuous exposure to these chemicals can disrupt the normal function of both the endocrine and nervous systems. Plus, it increases the risk of acquiring cancer.

To help you determine which foods to always buy organic to avoid the pesticides, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) provides an annual guide for the consumers. This guide contains a list of the dirtiest produce in the market, which include the following:

1. Apples: This fruit contains a lot of nutrients, including flavonoids that fight inflammation. However, it is severely sprayed with pesticides, which can even be detected in applesauce and juices.

Tempting? Make sure first that it's not laden with pesticides / PicHelp
Tempting? Make sure first that it’s not laden with pesticides / PicHelp

2. Strawberries: Your favorite strawberries often contain fungicide since it is usually attacked by fungi.

3. Grapes: Rich in antioxidants, this fruit is also rich in pesticides, particularly if it is conventionally grown.

4. Celery: Although this is a healthy veggie, you should always go for organic celery because this plant contains too many pesticides.

5. Peaches: Also rich in antioxidants, peaches are also a good source of potassium, vitamins A and C, and zinc. Just go for organically grown peaches though to be always safe.

6. Spinach: This is one of the highest in iron content, but it also has high pesticide residue. In fact, the frozen and canned products have almost the same amount of chemicals as the fresh vegetable.

7. Sweet Bell Peppers: Although they are not that difficult to grow, many farmers still give them a dose of pesticide to get rid of insects and pests.

8. Nectarines: You can compare these to peaches because of the antioxidants they contain. This fruit though is contaminated with pesticides, so you should only buy organic nectarines for your safety.

9. Cucumbers: A relative of squashes and melons, cucumbers are rich in vitamin K. However, it is high in pesticides, so purchase organic cucumbers as much as possible.

10. Cherry Tomatoes: This type of tomato contains lycopene, which promotes prostate health. Unfortunately, cherry tomatoes also have high amounts of pesticides.

What’s even worse is that there are genetically engineered crops, which are not only full of pesticides, but their DNAs are highly processed and modified. This can cause cancers and other dangerous effects to health.