Restless leg syndrome (RLS), which is also known as Willis-Ekbom Disease, is actually a neurological disorder that affects 10% of the American population. Symptoms include pain and leg sensations that usually happen at night or when lying down.

Sometimes, even those who are sitting get affected by this condition. RLS unfortunately does not have a cure, but there’s good news: you can alleviate the discomfort that you feel with these 15 natural treatments:

1. Cold or Hot Treatment: Some people feel more comfortable when they get hot treatments, while others feel better after cold compresses.

2. Soapy Bed: Even experts suggest bringing a bar of soap with you to bed and putting it under the sheets or near your legs to reduce RLS symptoms.

3. Avoid Stimulants: Nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine are among the things that worsen RLS symptoms, so skip them as much as possible.

4. Loose Bedding: Anecdotally, covers that are too tight force your toes to point and this can cause your calf muscles to contract and cramp.

5. Prop Your Feet Up: Position your feet higher than your torso, which can alleviate symptoms effectively according to many sufferers.

Restless leg syndrome is no joke.
Restless leg syndrome is no joke.

6. Have Enough Sex: According to the 2011 study published in Sleep Medicine, having sex or doing some self-love can reduce symptoms as well.

7. Be Active: Involving yourself in activities can help you feel more comfortable at night.

8. Massage: Rubbing the part of the leg that hurts can also make you feel better. Or visit a professional to have a massage twice a week.

9. Medicine: Some drugs worsen your condition, based on the review of Sleep Medicine Clinics. These drugs include antidepressants, antihistamines, antipsychotics, and drugs for nausea. However, before you quit your medication, make sure you talk to your doctor first.

10. Reduce Stress: People who are stressed experience worse RLS symptoms. So try to relax and deal with anxiety without panicking or stressing yourself.

11. Distraction: If you can’t sleep, push your negative thoughts away, especially about your RLS symptoms. Do something else, such as reading or playing card games.

12. Exercise: Stretch your hamstrings, tendons, and muscles every day. This helps relax the mind and body because of the dopamine and endorphin release – the feel-good hormones.

13. Diet: Cut out your gluten and MSG intake to reduce RLS. Some even say this can cure the disorder.

14. Iron: Taking iron supplements for those who are low on the mineral can also reduce the aches brought by RLS.

15. Sleep: Eliminate things that can keep you awake, such as your phone. Have a bedtime routine as well where you sleep at a specific time.

The symptoms of restless leg syndrome can vary from one person to another. Whether or not they are severe, the natural methods above can help you feel better and sleep comfortably at night.