Most of us enjoy a good drink of wine or beer every once in a while. Whether we drink alone or with our friends, we probably had a debate about which of the two to drink. Some prefer wine over beer because of the “health benefits.” But are they really true?

In moderation, wine indeed isn’t a bad drink. But this doesn’t mean that beer is bad, especially when consumed in moderation. Let’s take a closer look at what we actually get when we drink beer and wine:


The amount of calories will depend on the type of wine and beer. But typically, a bottle of wine has 750 calories, while a six pack has 900 calories. One glass of regular wine every night for one week (equivalent to six ounces) can give you about 1260 calories. On the other hand, a bar pint of beer nightly for one week (approximately 14 ounces) gives about 1500 calories.

You’ve probably seen many of those who drink a lot of beer have the so-called “beer belly.” In itself, alcohol already contains calories along with sugars to make the drink flavorful. A pint of beer undeniably has more calories than just a glass of wine. But if you’re a moderate drinker, you will see that the difference isn’t that much.

A pint of beer undeniably has more calories than just a glass of wine / PicHelp

Alcohol and Carb Content

Compared to beer, the alcohol in just one glass of wine is the same as in one and a half bottles of light beer. Wine definitely has more alcohol than light beer, but has almost the same as with a pint of lager. You can get drunk faster when you drink wine than with a pint of beer. When it comes to hangovers, the jury isn’t out yet, but researchers believe darker drinks have worse effects because of higher amounts of congeners. These are organic molecules that give drinks their unique aroma and flavor, but may also be toxic to our bodies, causing nausea and headaches.

As for carbohydrates, wine can have at least 9.1 to 19.3 carbohydrates, while a pint of beer can give you at least 15.6 to 22.4 carbs.

Other Facts You Need to Know

Both beer and wine can have negative effects to our health, including:

  • Some craft brews can have more than 300 calories for every bottle.
  • White wine can destroy teeth enamel because of its high acidity.
  • One study showed that red wine can cause migraines.

A glass of wine is seen as good for our health, especially for our heart because of its polyphenols. It may also help reduce blood pressure and diabetes risk. However, even though beer isn’t something that pros recommend, it also has polyphenols and may have the same benefits as with white wine.