If you’ve been trying to be healthier and fitter, you’ve probably heard about the importance of breakfast. In fact, you can read it almost anywhere that it is the most important meal of the day. A decade ago, it was proclaimed that breakfast was the main method of maintaining a healthy weight. But times have changed as there are now experts and new studies that don’t agree to the beliefs about breakfast.

The New Research

In 2014, there was a group of researchers who conducted a study at the University of Alabama. The researchers took a good look at whether or not breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. In the study, there were a total of 300 participants who were randomly tasked to eat breakfast. Others were assigned to skip them, while the remaining where to simply go about their regular way of doing things. Four months later, the participants were evaluated and the researchers learned that there was actually no difference in weight loss in the three divided groups.

Another research was conducted at Cornell University where people had almost the same tasks. It was discovered that those who skipped breakfast did not consume as much calories as those who ate breakfast. There was also another study at the University of Bath where the researchers learned that those who skipped breakfast consumed fewer calories, although they spent less energy than those who ate the first meal of the day.

The Bottom Line

The new studies say the exact same thing to people: if you’re not hungry when you wake up in the morning, you don’t have to eat breakfast. You shouldn’t be afraid to skip this meal even when you’re on weight management. Experts agree that eating a doughnut or anything sugary in the morning just to fill your stomach and follow the “rule” about not skipping breakfast is much worse than eating nothing.

You can skip breakfast after all according to experts / PicHelp
You can skip breakfast after all according to experts / PicHelp

The same thing goes to drinking juice in the morning for some juice cleansing. This is actually worse because even if it’s a fruit juice, it has no fiber. Therefore, you are actually just drinking a glass of sugar. As for coffee, timing is important. You can drink coffee in the morning, but if you’re already awake and alert, you shouldn’t drink coffee as this will result to you being dependent on caffeine and its effects.

Except for coffee, it is more important to think of the “What” than the “When” when it comes to managing your weight. Choosing the right foods to eat is what affects weight loss and maintenance, not the timing of your meals.