When women go through a break up, one can already imagine a tub of ice cream to go together with the tears and the anger. A new study confirms that women do suffer more when their relationship ends with a loved one. They tend to be emotional and endure more pain than men. However, the study also provides good news: women easily bounce back. In fact, they recover better than men.

The Bad News for Women

This is what women go through based on the findings of the study:

• Women invest a lot in the relationship.

• The fact that she could end up getting pregnant after a romantic encounter makes her feel more vulnerable.

• Men can easily leave them – literally within minutes after the encounter.

• When women are dumped by their former flame, they tend to become angry and anxious.

• Apart from the emotional pain, women also suffer from physical pain. In many instances, they forget about themselves and even gain weight.

• Women also tend to look for “high-quality” male, so when they lose the relationship, it hurts them. Conversely, men just looked for attention from women. Therefore, they don’t feel the loss of a high-quality relationship.

The Good News for Women

Are women the weaker sex when it comes to love? / PicHelp
Are women the weaker sex when it comes to love? / PicHelp

But it is not all bad for women. After the end of a relationship, they will cry and feel pain, but they become much stronger and even have better lives than their male counterpart. Here’s what happens according to the study:

• Men don’t really recover from the breakup, unlike women who are able to bounce back and even have better lives.

• Women take longer to move on, while men do so quicker. However, this does not mean men will not get hurt. They just don’t feel it at first, but over time, they will feel the loss.

The study, which was published in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, involved more than 5,700 people from 96 countries and the scientists discovered that men actually suffer from lovesickness, not the women. Men need time to sense they have lost someone over a period of time, while they wait for reality to sink in. As a result, they will start to compete with other males again, so that they can replace the love they have lost.

There are times though when they come to a realization that the woman they lost is unfortunately irreplaceable. The scientists say that people experience an average of three breakups by the time they are 30 years old.