Diabetes mellitus or simply diabetes involves a group of diseases that affect a person’s metabolism and how the body uses glucose or blood sugar.

There are three types of diabetes:

  1. Gestational diabetes
  2. Type 1 diabetes
  3. Type 2 diabetes

While there are medications available for people who have diabetes, there are some natural cures that can be used to help not only to control the blood sugar and relieve the patient from symptoms, but also to prevent the development of the disease in some people.

Be calm, you can stop diabetes / PicHelp
Be calm, you can stop diabetes / PicHelp

Among these natural treatments include the following herbs and spices:

  • Cinnamon: This is one of the popular choices for treating and preventing diabetes and is naturally safe for almost everyone, except for those who take blood thinning medications. This spice can lower your bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which are generally high in people who have type 2 diabetes.
  • Fenugreek: This herb should be included in your diet if you have diabetes. Consuming fenugreek seeds can improve the condition of both your lipids and blood glucose.
  • Ginger: One of the best spices when it comes to controlling diabetes, ginger has several other benefits including its ability to regulate blood sugar levels. It also allows the body to be more sensitive to insulin, while reducing oxidative stress and lowering your cholesterol levels.
  • Turmeric: This spice is believed to be so powerful, especially when it comes to controlling high blood sugar levels. Aside from that, it aids in weight loss, which is essential for people who have the disease. It also has antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-atherosclerotic properties.
  • Garlic: Maintaining your blood sugar levels is important if you have diabetes. You should add garlic to your meals, so that you can achieve this. This herb has sulfur compounds that can help protect your body against oxidative stress, which promotes damage.
  • Cayenne: According to herbalist David Hoffman, this spice can help treat diabetic neuropathy, which diabetes patients suffer from.
  • Bitter Melon: You can help reverse the effects of diabetes by eating bitter melon or using spices and herbs that come from the plant. It allows the body to use glucose better and can even block absorption of sugar, which happens in the intestines.
  • Ginseng: This root is considered to have anti-diabetic properties, especially with the help of the ginsenosides in it. Ginsenosides not only support the beta cells found in your pancreas, but this also helps reduce the body’s resistance to insulin.

Diabetes can be a deadly disease if you are not able to manage your condition. You surely want to control your situation by eating healthy, exercising, and adding the herbs and spices above.