It is no secret that plain water tastes, well, plain. We want a better-tasting alternative, which is why many people drink carbonated or bubbly water instead.

If you want to stay hydrated all day every day, it can be a good option as it is not as boring as still water. When it comes to the taste, it definitely beats water from the faucet. But is it as healthy or safe, especially if you choose to drink it daily?

In general, bubbly water does not pose health risks and can actually provide some benefits, including the following:

1.) Hydrating

If it is hot outside and you need to quench your thirst, you can turn to sparkling water instead of tap water.

2.) Better than Sports Drinks and Soda

If you’re going to drink something that is tastier than plain, boring water, sparkling water is a good alternative. It is in fact a much better option than sugary drinks. Carbonated water is called so because it is created by dissolving carbon dioxide in water, therefore creating carbonic acid. This is the carbonated water you are going to drink and nothing more. Often, there are no added calories, caffeine, and sugar unlike sports drinks and soda.

Carbonated water goes beyond refreshing you / PicHelp
Carbonated water goes beyond refreshing you / PicHelp

3.) Improved Digestion

A study in 2002 published in the European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology showed that carbonated water is a good option or people with indigestion problems, such as dyspepsia. If you’re feeling sick in the stomach, which may involve vomiting, bloating, and nausea, reach for a bottle of sparkling water.

Some Health Concerns

Some people though, including experts, believe that still water is still the best choice. This is because there are a few health issues that are associated with bubbly water. The beverage is known to cause the following problems:

  • Calcium Loss: Studies show that carbonated water, just like carbonated drinks, can leach calcium from your bones. However, this still remains a claim as it is not supported by clinical trials.
  • Bad for the Teeth: Some experts warn that bubbly water can strip the enamel found in your teeth. Once again, this has no strong evidence to back up the claim.
  • Kidney Stones: Too much carbonated drink may cause kidney stones to form.
  • Acidic: Sparkly water is obviously more acidic than still water.
  • Gassy: Because it is a carbonated drink, bubbly water may cause burping and bloating if you drink it really fast.

There’s no scientific evidence to prove that bubbly water is bad for your health. While tap water is a better choice, you don’t have to avoid carbonated water completely. However, you should read the label well since there are types of bubbly water, such as tonic water, mineral water, and club soda that have added sweeteners and sodium among others.