For a woman, it is important to choose which sanitary product to use. Sanitary products come in many shapes or sizes, from the ultra-thin panty-liners to the bulky overnight pads. Among these personal items, there are the tampons and the sanitary pads. The tampon is a small and soft absorbent product that is inserted to the vagina to absorb menstrual blood. On the other hand, the sanitary pad is a small sheet that is padded to the undergarments to prevent leaks.

Tampons and sanitary pads are very convenient and all, but a few women are aware of the inconvenient truths behind them. Here are the reasons why a woman should reconsider using a conventional tampon or a sanitary pad:

1. Tampons and pads are made with toxic materials.

Most tampons are made of plastic, cotton and cheap Rayon. Rayon is made from cellulose fiber mixed with sulphuric acid and caustic soda, which are harmful on its own. Also, overexposure to products made of Rayon can create side-effects such as headaches, nausea and chest pains.

Don't make your period extra hard, choose your pads or tampons carefully / PicHelp
Don’t make your period extra hard, choose your pads or tampons carefully / PicHelp

Sanitary pads are no less toxic either, as conventional pads contain oil plastics, chemical fragrances and odor neutralizers. While they are seemingly harmless, these chemicals disrupt the flow of air in the vaginal area. Even worse, plastics and synthetic materials in pads create dampness in the intimate area, the ideal condition to grow yeast and bacteria in the vaginal area.

2. Tampons can create discomfort.

To use a tampon, a woman needs to plug it to her intimate parts. This creates discomfort because for one, tampons stop the flow of blood. Second, the shape of the vagina doesn’t naturally conform to the tampon when inserted, which creates irritation. Also, a tampon gets more uncomfortable when plugged for a long duration.

3. Sanitary pads and tampons are an environmental hazard.

Because most of these tampons and pads are made with plastic, they cannot be easily disposed as the landfills are full of these items. Even worse is that the chemicals from the pads and tampons seep into the earth.

With these three inconvenient truths, what is the alternative product for women? For one, there are organic tampons and sanitary pads and they can be bought in online stores or pharmacies. Another alternative is the menstrual cup such as the Diva Cup, which is a reusable soft cup that can fit inside a vagina. It is also leak-proof and much more comfortable than tampons. Cloth pads are also alternative products – they need to be washed after every use, but they are more comfortable and very reusable.