True or False: Small Hands, Small Penis?

True or False: Small Hands, Small Penis?

If you have heard about how the size of the hand correlates with the size of the penis, you’re not alone. In fact, this belief has sparked some controversies, particularly when Senator Marco Rubio questioned presidential candidate, Donald Trump, about his manhood. During the outrageous moment, the senator said that Trump’s hands appear like they’re for a person who’s is 5’5’’. This gave way to a lot of people imagining all sorts of things, including the old adage about a man’s penis size.

But Is It True?

If you’re a woman and you’re dating someone whose hands are of the same size as yours or even smaller (yes, they exist), should you be worried? Before you start panicking – especially if you’re someone who believes that size matters –science hasn’t discovered a way to confirm this solidly. But this does not mean science didn’t try. In fact, there have been studies that were conducted surrounding this issue:

  • One study showed that there could be a link between the manhood size and the finger length. But the study showed that the correlation is only true if the ring finger is longer than the index finger of the same hand.
  • A team of researchers took measurements of the hands, feet, and nose of men. These parts of the body have been associated with the length of the penis. This study involved many participants from several parts of the world and the researchers found out that the ring finger did play a crucial role in determining the penis size.
  • A Korean study in 2011 in which 144 men who were going to undergo urological surgery found that the finger can tell you about a man’s size below the belt.
  • Another study, also from Korea, conducted in 2015 showed that finger length can have a connection to penis size in newborns.
  • Meanwhile, an Egyptian study in 2015 showed that 2,000 healthy men’s hand size can be compared to their penis size.
Jeff Dabe has a huge and thick hands as shown by blogger Josh Handeland of
Jeff Dabe has a huge and thick hands as shown by blogger Josh Handeland of

Men Can Thank (Or Blame) Their Mothers

When a boy grows, his body also grows, including his penis. As he hits the age of five, the penis will grow increasingly until he is in his puberty stage. But ultimately, what truly determines the final length of the penis is the amount of androgen exposure while the boy was still in his mother’s womb. Scientists tested this concept on rats where they blocked the androgen level of the mother during pregnancy. It turned out that the penis size of the rat when he became an adult was reduced to a smaller size than the normal size.