Stress is a silent killer and can even be as deadly as cancer. The effects of stress create a domino effect on the body, impacting your overall health because of the countless ways it can potentially harm everything inside your body.

There are many causes of stress, such as problems with work and family. But it may surprise you that even the speed of your Internet connection can cause stress.

A lot of people connect to the Internet during their leisure time. They read articles, watch videos, and play online games. All these seem enjoyable, but if the connection speed is slow, there is no pleasure.

When you connect to the Internet, you are always expecting – like an endless and insatiable need. When that need is not satisfied or given, your body suffers from stress because you keep anticipating what comes next.

A study by a telecoms company, Ericsson, revealed that your heart rate may spike up to 38% because of slow Internet connection, such as when you load a page and it takes time to open. This also means that you are already suffering from an elevated blood pressure.

Internet Speed Health RelationAs simple as it may sound, a slow Internet connection can kill you, especially if you are exposed to constant stress. How is this possible? Stress can do harm to your body in many ways, including:

  • Robs you of the ability to reproduce
  • Gives you a weaker immune system, making you more susceptible to infections and diseases
  • Makes you more acidic
  • Can give you irregular periods because of fluctuating hormones
  • Increases the amount of glucose being produced in the body and this may result to type 2 diabetes
  • Makes you more anxious, which can lead to depression over time
  • Gives your heart extra work load, making it weaker and can be the cause of a heart attack
  • Makes you suffer from acute migraine
  • Can give you sleepless nights or insomnia, making your liver weaker
  • Causes rapid breathing
  • Makes your blood pressure higher
  • Can result to Tired All The Time or TATT Syndrome
  • Can give you mood swings or sudden emotional outburst
  • Makes you impotent or infertile

The study only involved 30 volunteers, so avid users of the Internet should not worry too much. However, this does not mean we shouldn’t take this seriously. The fact that more and more people become dependent on the Internet – in work and in everyday lives – a speedy Internet connection is a perk all of us can benefit from.