How to Get Rid of Toxins in Your Body without Feeling Sick

How to Get Rid of Toxins in Your Body without Feeling Sick

Detoxification is required to remove the toxins in the body and doing so can definitely provide you with a lot of benefits. You probably know these benefits, which is why you choose to cleanse, but what you don’t know is that you could get sick.

The symptoms are almost the same when you go through any addiction withdrawal, such as alcohol or sugar. And it is indeed possible to get rid of these frustrations without stopping your detox program through the following methods:

1. Eat a fruit. Exchange your sugary cravings for fruits. You will find that it is much easier to let go of sugar sources if you look for sweet alternatives that don’t have that toxic refined sugar.

2. Drink more water. When you detox, you will feel that you have become thirstier than normal. The solution is simple: drink more water. If you crave for beer or anything with alcohol, drink even more water.

Detox Feeling Sick3. Drink the right juices. Aside from water, you should also add green juices to your diet. You probably already know that these juices can help you detoxify your body, so make sure you drink them regularly to get the essential nutrients your body needs at this time.

4. Start moving. Once you detox, you will feel even more frustrated if you stay seated or you go to sleep more often than what you’re used to. Instead of becoming inactive, go for a walk or start running. If you’re not a couch potato prior to detox, you will find that running can relieve you from stress, which is definitely helpful.

5. Sleep more. While we mentioned that sleeping more often than you’re used to can make you crave for your addiction even more, it is still recommended that you sleep for about seven to eight hours. Whenever you feel sleepy, go to bed and relax. Don’t even wait for a minute to delay your shuteye moments. This can even boost your immune system.

6. Make love. If you’re frustrated, one of the best ways to let go of this feeling is to have some quality time with your partner.

7. Learn to accept. It always helps if you know that there is a possibility for you to get sick or even feel depressed when you go through a detox program. There will be times when you would slip, but never quit. Finally, when you’re ready, you will know your detoxification has worked when your frustrations are gone and your addictions have been eliminated.

Some common symptoms of withdrawal are dizziness, insomnia, muscle cramps, irritability, photosensitivity, and night sweats. Some even experience extreme changes in their blood pressure, while others go through chills, nausea, indigestion and facial palsy. While these symptoms may sound terrifying for some, don’t let any detox method scare you away. The results will definitely be worth it.