Bees can sometimes be annoying with their buzzing sounds and painful stings. However, what most of us don’t know is that bees are extremely important insects in the ecosystem.

Aside from providing honey, which is a natural sweetener packed with nutritional goodness, bees are also responsible for making the surroundings lovelier because of their role as flower pollinators.

Bees live in group, but some other species make individual nest cells. These bees are said to be the most efficient when it comes to pollinating plants.

The bee population can be in danger soon if these groups continue living a solitary life. In order to help them achieve bigger numbers, you can create a “bee hotel,” which can serve as the permanent home for these non-social bees.

How to Build a Bee HotelDIY Beehive for Health Bee House

Your bee hotels do not need pricey or use new materials. By recycling old materials, you can transform them into the future nesting house for the useful bees. Help the bee population increase in numbers by following the simple ways below on how you can make a simple bee hotel:

1. Locate an area in your garden that can be the best site for your bee hotel. If you have a big tree, you can hang a mason jar there with tubes that fit, which can serve as your potential bee hotel.

2. Organize an old, unused wine box and fill it with bamboo canes or some pieces of wood. Arrange them in a way that will seem fit enough to be the habitat of the bees.

This sample is the simplest and arguably the easiest to setup.
This sample is the simplest and arguably the easiest to setup.

3. If you want your bee hotel to be fancy, you can use cinderblocks to make them look like a towering hotel. Not only are they attractive, but cinderblocks are among the best materials to use because of their durability.

4. If you want to build a more durable bee hotel, make a roof out of metal or wood first. Its crater should have bamboo stems or reeds. The wooden block at the back should also have drilled holes to promote air and entrance for the bees. You can also use clay and sand held in by the mesh at the bottom part of your DIY hotel.

Since bees do a lot for our ecosystem, what better way is there than to build their own houses? Bees are significant pollinators of flowers in our gardens and farms. They also provide honey which is a must in the food industry. If you do not wish to let their numbers decrease, building a bee hotel can be a great help to let us enjoy the benefits these little insects can give us.

You can also check this video for a slightly different approach to DIY beehive making: