Old habits are hard to break, especially the bad ones. But our compilation of dangerous things you do after meal might convince you otherwise.

1. Smoking

Experiments proved that smoking a cigarette right after a meal is tantamount to smoking 10 cigarettes straight. It may relax you or give you that notion that it aids in your digestion but the truth is smoking has been linked to both IBS or irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis (a stomach ulcer). Your stomach is more vulnerable to this after meal.

2. Eating fruits right after meal

Fruits are great desserts but when you eat them right after meal there’s a great chance that they will hinder movement of heavy food, making them virtually stuck before the intestines. This is why some doctors recommend eating fruit at least an hour before or after your regular meal.

3. Drinking tea

Tea is acidic. And acid reacts negatively to protein by hardening it. This makes digestion difficult. It’s a common practice in the East to drink hot tea before each meal but our experts recommend to do it at least an hour after your meal.

Sick Stomach Sock
Love your stomach, you only got one of it / Dr Rebecca

4. Loosening your belt

It’s an old practice especially from people in the urban areas and it’s a bad one. Not because loosening your belt will make your intestines twist or block but because doing so will allow you to over eat to a degree that you are normally uncomfortable. And overeating is something you should never do.

5. Taking a bath

Don’t take a bath after meals. Taking a bath increases the flow of blood to your extremities: hands and legs. This consequently decreases the amount of blood flow towards your stomach which is crucial for a faster and more efficient digestion.

6. Waking about

Walking after meals is not a good idea. It accounts for acid reflux and indigestion in huge percentage of the population. Wait after at least half an hour before you walk and the activity becomes beneficial. Walk for only about 10 minutes and only after 30 minutes you eat so you won’t experience acid reflux and stomach upsets.

7. Sleeping immediately

Don’t sleep immediately after eating. While some people say it’s to prevent you from experiencing lucid nightmares it is actually to prevent indigestion. Sleeping slows down your whole body along with many of its processes, including digestion. Recurring indigestion can lead to a variety of health problems including gastric and intestinal infection.