While people may see it only as a utility tool, a parachute cord or paracord can be a very important thing in the world of safety and health.

Since paracords are mainly used for suspending multiple lines of parachutes, this can come as a surprise that they can also be used in cases of emergency and when immediate action should be done. The following are six ways a paracord becomes a real lifesaver:

1. Sling

This multipurpose rope can be transformed into a sling which can hold an injured arm firmly in place. Just tie the paracord to the two ends of a large, clean cloth and bind it around the injured shoulder. You now have a temporary yet durable sling using just a paracord and a cloth.

2. Tourniquet

Extreme blood loss can be deadly. A paracord can be used as a tourniquet to slow down blood loss while you wait for medical response. Simply wrap the paracord around the wounded area. The paracord should be roughly four inches from the wound. Wrapping it directly around the cut is not advisable since it can make the bleeding worse.

3. Dental Floss

It is proven that if you floss daily, you can have a longer life. Why? Having an unhealthy set of teeth and gums is linked to heart diseases. You can use a paracord as a dental floss simply by removing the outer casing so the inner strands are revealed, which you can use for flossing. Wash them before using for better hygiene.

4. Stretcher

A paracord can be transformed into a stretcher which can hold up to 250 lbs. of weight. Just gather around anything similar to a broom handle or huge sticks and run the paracord in between them.

5. Stitches

A paracord can act as a stitch when a wound needs it. Just take note that these cords do not dissolve, so you will have to remove them later.

Paracord Save Life6. Splint

You can secure a splint in its place using these wonder cords, preventing a minor injury from developing into a more serious fracture. Simply place a strong, short branch inside the injured area and a long branch outside. Then, bind the paracord around the two branches and the injured part.

Accidents happen most of the time. And while some cannot be avoided, you can always have the proper solutions for them. A paracord can come in handy especially when there are emergencies outdoors or even at home.This makes them a very useful tool not only for suspending lines, but also when accidents occur.