Urinary incontinence can happen to anyone, but it is more common in women. You could leak when you laugh hard, run extremely fast, carry something really heavy, or have a sneezing fit. In some cases, there is no reason at all; you just feel that you have to go.

Who Suffers from Urinary Incontinence?

Woman ToiletAlthough incontinence is not something to be proud of, you are not alone. It is actually quite common in women where 25% of them experience incontinence before 21 years old. This condition worsens later in life where half of all women of at least 40 years old have an accidental leakage.

Nevertheless, some women have higher chances of springing leaks, particularly those who:

• Are overweight or obese
• Are pregnant or had delivered a baby
• Had a distressing delivery
• Have a urinary tract infection
• Are suffering from constipation

All the above-mentioned factors can affect the pelvic floor muscles, which can get weaker over time. As a result, it is difficult to hold pee in.

How to Reduce Urinary Incontinence

In order to reduce or even eliminate the chances of involuntary leaking, it is useful to know about the two types of incontinence. Knowing which type will lead to understanding the condition and how to deal with it head-on.

1. Stress incontinence: This happens when you cough, sneeze or laugh hard. You will suddenly have the urge to pee after releasing a little bit of liquid.

2. Urgency incontinence: When you have urgency incontinence, there is something wrong with your bladder. You do not have the ability to hold off urine and therefore you often cause accidents. Just like stress incontinence, this can be very embarrassing if you are not able to make it into the restroom in time. However, this is more complicated than the other kind as it is rare for you to reach the bathroom without peeing in your pants.

If your type of incontinence is the first one, you can start solving the problem with kegel exercises. These exercises are very easy to do and you can do them wherever and whenever you can. They are pelvic floor exercises where you squeeze the muscles in the mentioned area. They are quite effective in having a better orgasm, but they can also tighten your muscles around the bladder so you don’t pee accidentally.

Meanwhile, if you have urgency incontinence, you may want to talk to your doctor. He or she can help you find the best ways to hold your pee, so no accidents happen. Some prescription medications may also work. If you’re obese, the most effective method to control incontinence is to lose weight to remove the intense pressure on the bladder.