Prolonged sitting is dangerous to your health. It encourages health problems to invade your body and you become overweight. Being heavy and obese not only affects how you look, but your health as well, since it is one of the causes of type 2 diabetes.

Why You Should Start Moving

If you sit all day in front of the TV or computer, you are living a sedentary lifestyle and this will never give you good outcomes. Some of the health issues that could appear include:

  • Your bones become less dense. Lack of mobility decrease bone density, which just means you have weaker bones. The amount of calcium in the bones eventually lessens and many diseases, such as osteoporosis, become the result.
  • Your metabolism is affected. Since you don’t move enough, your muscles, including those in your legs, contribute to slow circulation. As a result, you burn fewer calories.
  • Your blood sugar increases. Less movement causes the body to ignore most of the blood sugar in it. In this case, your risk of acquiring diabetes increases to seven percent.
  • Heart disease risk increases. As with blood sugar, your risk for heart disease goes up as well. This is because the enzymes that monitor and control your blood fats become inactive.
  • Sedentary lifestyle can cause depression. When you are physically active, many feel-good hormones are produced in the brain. The contrary happens when you sit all day.

Sitting vs. Standing

The problem with sitting is that it can actually lead to several health problems even though you are not overweight. When you sit down for several hours a day, you cause your body to become extremely idle and of course, this is not good. On the other hand, if you just stand up for 90 seconds, your cellular and muscular systems that are responsible for processing blood sugar and breaking down cholesterol and triglycerides are activated. In short, insulin is used by the body correctly.

Do you want to live longer? Then start moving! / PicHelp
Do you want to live longer? Then start moving! / PicHelp

Simply standing up and shifting your body weight to your legs can fuel your cells to work harder. If you stand up regularly, you lower your risk of acquiring diabetes and you also prevent obesity. While sitting all day is not recommended, this does not mean it is bad to sit down. You can sit for three hours a day and not any more than that. Limiting the amount of time you spend on being sedentary can counteract the dangers of prolonged sitting.

The key is to just keep moving. Exercise regularly and stand up every now and then to fight the dangers of having a sedentary lifestyle.