When you talk about fizzy drinks, you will get frowns from health buffs. This is because carbonated drinks have always been associated with bad effects, including depletion of the calcium mineral in the body, obesity, and even tooth decay. With these negative connections, you probably want to avoid carbonated beverages. However, there are actually some that are not only refreshing, but also with a few health benefits.

Carbonated Water

Carbonated water is actually just fizzy water in which some flavors may be added for a seltzer. Although no one can contest the fact that plain water is much healthier than carbonated water, this does not mean that the latter is extremely bad for you. Carbonated water is good for hydrating the body. You actually drink more carbonated or sparkling water because it encourages you to do so with its taste and texture. Carbonated water makes plain old water more interesting so consumers buy and drink more water.

A Healthier Alternative to Soda

If you want to drink soda, choose sparkling water instead as it is a much better substitute for the sugary beverage. Carbonated water is almost the same soda when it comes to texture, but it does not have the same negative health effects.

Instead of comparing soda and carbonated water, you should actually compare the latter with plain water because they are quite similar. Carbonated water simply has been infused with carbon dioxide, which causes it to become bubbly. As for the health benefits, here are those that you can gain from carbonated water:

• For Hydration: Stay hydrated with carbonated water. Hydration is essential to your health and water, including this fizzy type of water, can be the solution you can turn to when you are thirsty. Most people don’t get enough water every day, which is why carbonated water was created – to increase interest in drinking water.

• For Prevention of Fluid Retention: Just like water, carbonated water helps move nutrients in your body. Fluid retention makes you look bloated because excess water is not removed in the system. Staying hydrated properly can get rid of this excess water.

• For Your Digestive System: If you get stomach pains and other stomach-related issues, especially after eating, you may want to drink more water. Carbonated water, just like plain water, can treat indigestion symptoms, such as bloating, vomiting, and nausea.

Carbonated water has a lot of bubbly health benefits / PicHelp
Carbonated water has a lot of bubbly health benefits / PicHelp

While it is still recommended that you drink plain water, carbonated water is a good option with benefits for your health.