The history of chewing gum dates back to the time when the ancient Greeks started to put portions of mastic tree resin into their mouths.

This particular habit was done mainly for the purpose of making their mouths fresher, as toothpaste was invented some more years later by the Babylonians and Egyptians. Clearly it became a big hit that people nowadays are still chewing gum for numerous reasons, such as:

  • For Mental Performance: One study proved that chewing gum can affect your brain function in a good way, which made the number of “chewing fans” grow.
  • For Headaches: Some people chew gum to eradicate headaches, believing that chewing somehow “massages” their temples.
  • For The Teeth: Unhygienic as it may seem, but people on-the-gorely on chewing mint gum after their meals. Chewing gum is more convenient than brushing their teeth, especially because busy people can do other tasks.

Some people also have the habit of chewing gum in public because they think it makes them look cool. While you may have your own reasons why you chew gum, you should know what chewing gum can do to you, particularly to your health. Is it really worth chewing gum? Here are some points to think about:

1. If you suffer from a jaw disorder, you should NEVER chew gums. It could alleviate the pain in just a couple of seconds, but in the long run chewing gums will actually worsen your condition.

2. Chewing gum contains a lot of artificial sweeteners, which can cause potential damage to your teeth, so brushing with fluoride toothpaste is still better.

3. After reading reason #2 you may choose to go for sugar-free gums but the bad news is, they all contain an ingredient which can cause serious health damage such as cancer, brain tumor, and birth defects.

Chewing Gum Bad4. Chewing gum does not cure your headaches; it makes them. When you make chewing a piece of gum a habit, your temple muscles tighten, which results to headaches.

5. Reading the ingredients on the chewing gum can look Greek so you would not care about what it is made of. But chewing gum contains wool fat called lanolin. While it doesn’t pose serious threat to your health, it can be downright disgusting.

This can be upsetting for the gum fans, but putting those problems aside, there are healthier options for chewing gums. If chewing a piece of gum is a hard habit to break, you may want to chew parsley or ginger instead. Chewing licorice and eating apples are great alternatives too, especially if you want to freshen up your breath.While these healthy alternatives aren’t guaranteed to make you any cooler, they are better and will not harm your health.