Many couples dress alike, share laughs on their inside jokes, and even shamelessly fart when their significant other is in the same room. These things may be weird for other people, but the truth is they are normal – and healthy. When two people are comfortable with each other, their relationship is definitely a happy one.

The truth is intimacy does not just involve sex; it is also about revealing who we really are to the other person.

No matter how gorgeous you are and how others think of you as flawless, you can’t escape the fact that you poop. We all do. Although poop stinks, you can make your relationship stronger and much more a delight by comfortably talking about poop.

How Poop Makes the Union Stronger and Last Longer

At first, every relationship is about romance and secrets that you may want to hide from your lover. These secrets may include your flaws, but once you feel a certain connection with the other person, you will eventually show your very human self. But why the poop conversation, you ask? Here are reasons why you should start discussing this bathroom topic:

1. Openness

When you talk about poop with your loved one, the conversation will involve an honest chat about your bowel movements. You may talk about your bathroom routine and even what he or she should expect. This may be awkward at first, but it helps especially when you start living with each other.

2. Avoid Embarrassment

Remember the time when you feel ashamed whenever you fart in front of your partner? It is definitely worse when poop is the subject. The embarrassment of your significant other walking toward the toilet and smelling that awful stink can be discouraging. But you can stop this from happening. When the conversation about poop is out there, embarrassment dwindles and eventually, you two will be comfortable even though you just did a number in the toilet.

3. Safer Health

Believe it or not, talking about your poop and your bathroom habits can help you achieve better health. It is also much easier for your partner to help you discover changes in your routine and even in the appearance of your stool. Remember that changes in color and frequency of your poop could be warning signs about your health.

Poop talk: It's a secret far from being foul, no pun intended / PicHelp
Poop talk: It’s a secret far from being foul, no pun intended / PicHelp

4. Happiness

Yes, it is true that when you and your lover can talk freely about poop, you two can be happy. This is because the walls are broken down and even provides a whole other level of intimacy that not everyone can experience.

Contrary to what you may think, there is no pressure here. You don’t have to talk about the consistency, the color, or even the size. Everything will just fall into place, just as if you are having a conversation about what’s for dinner.