If you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start a new day, it means you slept comfortably at night. However, if it’s the opposite, this could be due to your body’s position. So what is the right posture when you are resting? American Infographic on Tumblr has the answer.

Sleeping on your back: This is the most ideal out of all positions, unless you snore loudly. With this position, you can prevent neck and back pain, as well as acid reflux. It even reduces wrinkles.

Sleeping on your left or right side: Although this is bad for your breasts and face, this position can reduce snoring and acid reflux as well. It is best for women who are pregnant.

Sleeping in fetal position: This is really bad unless you are pregnant. This position can increase your joint pains if you have arthritis and can even hamper breathing using your diaphragm.Sleeping Position Infographic 2 Sleeping Position Infographic 1

Sleeping on your stomach: If this is your favorite position, it’s time for a switch. Sleeping on your stomach can give way to joint and muscle pain. Since your head is positioned to the side, this may lead to neck aches. You also don’t have a neutral spine position, which is not good for your body.

As you can see, sleeping on your back is the winner, so spend your night with your face to the air, which is not only beneficial for your health and sleep quality, but also for your appearance.