If you have a backache, a stiff neck, sore shoulders, or painful knees, you definitely want this suffering to stop. Perhaps you have never thought about it, but your chronic pain may be due to the common objects you are using every day.

The way you use them can also have a negative effect on how you feel. Thankfully, you can solve the problem by first learning which cause you such pain and eliminating them or at least correcting how you use them.

Here are some of the ordinary things that can actually give you chronic pain:

1.) Monitor

Your workstation can affect your well-being, so it should be positioned correctly – starting from your chair to your computer monitor. Your chair should be properly set to avoid slouching forward, which can actually cause back and neck strains. Your monitor should be at eye level, so you avoid neck strains as well.

2.) Perfume

If your perfume has a very strong smell, this can cause migraine. But other things, such as smoke, flowers, and paint can also cause headaches. The best way to combat this problem is to identify the things with strong smells that trigger migraine attacks and eliminate them.

Chronic Pain Caused by Ordinary Objects3.) Smartphones

Smartphones are truly useful for many people these days. They allow us to surf the web, play games, and stay connected with our loved ones. However, doctors have seen a huge increase in cases of arthritis, particularly one that occurs at the base of the thumb. This type of arthritis is said to affect younger people who are addicted to texting. When you feel that your thumbs are beginning to ache, stop what you’re doing and give your thumbs and phone a rest.

4.) Flip Flops

According to Dr. David Westerdahl from the Cleveland Clinic Florida, flip flops as well as sandals that use foams in the soles don’t provide agreeable arch support. As a result, wearers feel pain in their ankles, knees, and feet. To avoid this, wear shoes that provide arch support or wear sneakers especially if you will walk a lot.

5.) Wallet

Many of us tuck our wallets at the back pocket of our pants. This does give ease in reaching for money, but unfortunately, it can cause pains on one of your legs. What’s worse is when you put a fat wallet there as this can cause muscle tension called piriformis syndrome. Make sure you remove your wallet before you sit down, particularly if you will go for a long drive.

Removing these culprits or at least using them correctly can help eliminate back pain and other aches you have been feeling. However, if the pain is unbearable that you can no longer commit to your daily tasks, it is definitely time to visit a doctor.