Bee pollen is a remedy used in many parts of the world, but most of us don’t know about the benefits behind this overlooked holistic medicine.

Bee pollen comes from honeybees, which they produce for their young’s food. Bee pollen is a nourishing food and contains almost every nutrient that we humans need. From B complex vitamins to amino acids to protein, bee pollen is indeed one of nature’s gifts to mankind.

Very Nutritious

Bee pollen contains the following nutrients:

  • Digestible carbohydrates for replenishing depleted glycogen in the muscles, especially after a workout session
  • Sugars, primarily glucose and fructose for your muscle tissues and for extra energy
  • Protein for building and repairing tissues and making chemicals in the body such as enzymes and hormones
  • Phenolic Compounds for cancer prevention, slow aging, and healthier body
Bee pollen is making waves in the healthy food market
Bee pollen is making waves in the healthy food market

Bee pollen also has water-soluble vitamins, such as C, B1, B2, and B6, along with fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, and E. It also has minerals, such as manganese, selenium, silicon, and iron.

Uses of Bee Pollen for Our Health

As mentioned, bee pollen is used as a treatment for several maladies, including:


Bee pollen is so good at controlling inflammation that it is considered a better and more effective alternative to naproxen, indomethacin, and phenylbutazone. It can be used to treat chronic and acute inflammation, along with degenerative conditions during their initial stage, and liver toxicity or disease.


Bee pollen has high amounts of antioxidants that can have a positive effect on the lungs. Consuming this food from the bees can prevent the onset of asthma as well as other respiratory ailments.


Sooth your allergies such as sinus problems with bee pollen as it can reduce histamine.

Menopausal Symptoms

Symptoms in menopausal women include mood swings, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, insomnia, and thinning of hair. Breast cancer risk also increases in menopausal women. Consuming bee pollen could help with these symptoms and even patients with breast cancer and those on anti-hormonal treatment.


Stress can affect the body in many ways, including weakening our immune system. In short, being stressed can make you sick. Bee pollen can help improve your mental capacity and the blood supply to the nervous tissues. These are essential in fighting stress and keeping you energetic.

While there’s still more research needed to prove the healthful benefits of bee pollen, this food from the bees has already demonstrated its great effects to a number of symptoms and health conditions. Bee pollen can be consumed with other foods, such as yogurt, honey, and cottage cheese.