Would You Drink This ‘Next Superfood’ Cockroach Milk?

Would You Drink This ‘Next Superfood’ Cockroach Milk?

You’ve probably heard about different superfoods, from kale to ginger to Greek yogurt to even algae. Some may be enticing, while some may be unpleasant but still tolerable – unlike this so-called potential superfood from cockroaches.

Introducing cockroach milk, which researchers stated that it is a wonder product that has four times more protein than cow’s milk. Could this mean it is time for you to stop looking for ways to kill these pests? The milk comes from the Pacific beetle cockroach, which is the only species of cockroach that can deliver live offspring.

Of course, milk comes from mammals and roaches are far from being mammals. The liquid is actually known as Diploptera punctata and is not real milk, but is actually the formula that comes from the cockroaches themselves to feed their babies. It contains protein crystals that piqued the interest of the scientists.

What’s in the Cockroach Milk?

The protein crystals have caught the attention of many researchers for the following reasons:

  • The crystals are almost similar to a complete food as they come with fats, sugars, and proteins.
  • Even better, the protein consequences of the crystals have all the essential amino acids.
  • A single protein crystal contains three times the energy found in buffalo milk, which is a type of milk that has more calories than cow’s milk.
  • Cockroach milk is especially unique because the crystals can release their protein right at the time they are digested.

Cockroaches are known for their skill to survive no matter how harsh the conditions are, including not having food for one whole month. This gives them the ability to produce such “milk” that contains a lot of protein.

Is This “Superfood” Available?

As you can imagine, milking the cockroaches is not time-friendly. This is why researchers who led the study have been working at the Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine to recreate the protein crystals in the laboratory. The replicates will probably become protein supplements that contain the same properties. The scientists have already gathered the initial sequence and are planning to use yeast, which can help them reproduce the protein crystals in more quantities.

The idea is straightforward, there's no sugarcoating it.
The idea is straightforward, there’s no sugarcoating it.

Cockroach milk is a time-released food, meaning it is aimed at being released slowly and steadily into a person’s bloodstream and will be consumed at less frequent intervals. Still, more research is necessary, including what the scientists are now looking at as to whether or not the crystals are harmless to humans. For now, the researchers are looking at simply reproducing the crystals, so the drinkers don’t have to worry about the formula coming directly from cockroaches.