Many people have made taking a sip of alcohol a part of their life. There’s always something magnetic with that cold bottle of beer or that classy wine.

If you are on a diet and yet you drink alcohol excessively, you are fighting a losing battle. Even if you drink once a week, this is already equivalent to almost a thousand calories based on a survey performed by Forza Supplements, a diet company in the United Kingdom.

Alcohol Weight Loss
The amount of calories depends on the type of alcohol you drink / PicHelp

Many dieters are too conscious with what they eat, but they neglect what they drink. It is widely known that soda contributes to bloating, so they avoid such drink, but so does alcohol. The amount of calories differs depending on the type of alcohol you drink. For instance, a 175ml glass of wine can have at least 126 calories and as much as 160 calories, based on its strength. A 15-minute run can burn the calories off. As for a large 250ml glass, you can be chugging down about 228 calories, equivalent to two fish fingers. Burn the calories off by cycling for at least half an hour.

If you are a champagne drinker, a flute is around 89 calories, which you can easily burn off with a nine minute run. Meanwhile, beer drinkers may have a bit of a problem as a pint of 5% beer with premium strength can have 170 calories. Aside from that, salted crisps are usually paired with beer, so you may have to work extra hard to get rid of the obtained calories. Using the rowing machine for at least 17 minutes can help you though as you try to eliminate the calories from the alcohol you drank.

Dieters avoid burgers because they contain lots of calories. However, if you consume a pint of strong cider, expect to gain at least 200 calories. This amount is almost the same as chomping on three quarters of a burger. You would need to spend about 30 minutes playing kickabouts with your friends in the park.

Aside from the ones mentioned, a prepackaged Piña Colada, the national drink of Puerto Rico, contains over 500 calories. You need almost one hour and a half on a stationary bike just to get rid of the calories you accumulated.

Drinking alcohol does not offer benefits for you, especially if you are trying to lose weight. The problem though is that calorie counts are not always associated with alcoholic drinks. As a matter of fact, these beverages do not display their calorie content. Think twice before you drink some booze if you truly want to slim down.