Believe it or not, you burn calories without breaking a sweat. From breathing to sleeping to standing, you can get rid of 100 calories just like that. Even everyday chores can help you eliminate the calories you get from the food you eat. If you have been counting your calories and you feel that you need to burn at least 100 calories to achieve your fitness goals, here are 11 guaranteed ways to help you:


1. If you’re at the gym, perform seven minutes of a tough spin class to burn 100 unwanted calories.

2. Do some exercises, including sit ups, squats, push-ups, and jumping jacks. Switch from one exercise to another as quickly as you can for eight minutes.

3. Take your skipping rope and use it for at least 10 minutes.

4. Do some yoga poses for 15 minutes.

5. Ask your partner to dance with you for 20 minutes. You can also do this with your kids.

6. Go biking for at least 23 minutes. You don’t have to do some intense cycling since casual biking would do the trick.

7. If your kids don’t want to dance, play with them outside for 25 minutes.

8. Get rid of the fallen leaves in your yard for 25 minutes.

9. If you have a dog, be a good owner and walk your pet outside for about 30 minutes.

10. If your house is untidy, you have a chance to clean up the place and even remove excess calories. Get your vacuum, wash the windows, de-clutter, and even tend to your plants for 30 minutes to burn 100 calories.

11. If you need to restock your fridge, shop at the grocery store for 45 minutes.


As mentioned, everything you do can help you burn calories. Even your everyday activities can lend you a hand in torching 100 calories or more. These simple activities include:

1. Showering, brushing your teeth, and doing other tasks to take care of yourself for 45 minutes can burn at least a hundred calories.

2. If you sleep enough, you can get rid of calories. A hundred calories can be eliminated when you sleep for two hours. Imagine how much more you can burn when you sleep more than the said number of hours.

3. Avoid the elevator and use the stairs for six minutes.

4. Stand up while waiting or talking to people for at least an hour.

5. Prepare food for 50 minutes to remove extra calories.

6. Carry your baby for 24 minutes.

As you can see, burning 100 calories is easy. By simply being active and getting enough sleep, you can get rid of at least a hundred calories every day.