We are all going there; it’s just a matter of who goes first. Dying is just as normal as living. Since nobody has ever discovered the elixir to immortal life, our primary goal is to have a healthy lifestyle so we live longer.

Whether you fear death or you would gladly greet if as it were an old friend, you should be able to be knowledgeable about the leading causes of death. Expert Peter Ubel, a physician from Duke University, tweeted an infographic called the Atlas of Risk, which originaly came from the National Health Service of the UK that showed the most common reasons why people die:

Hypertension or high blood pressure is the leading cause of death throughout the world. Having elevated blood pressure is linked to the deadliest diseases known to mankind. You are at risk for diabetes, heart complications, brain damage, stroke, kidney failure, and other lethal diseases if you suffer from hypertension. It is important to be cautious and watch for a sudden rise on your blood pressure levels because this can be deadly in an instant, since it does not have obvious symptoms.

Leading Causes of Death in PerspectiveYou breathe every minute of your life, but if you have respiratory diseases, it can be hard most of the time for you. Respiratory diseases affect your organs and tissues responsible for delivering oxygen needed by your body. If there are hindrances to this function, you may find it hard to breathe, thus, your daily activities are affected.

If you have cancer, you are lucky enough to be among the half of the people who make it to live for another 10 years according to our expert. However, with the recent technology improvements and studies, cancer rate survival is expected to rise in the near future. Let’s just hope that the remaining half of the non-surviving cancer patients live for another ten years. Or better yet, a 100% lifetime cure for all the people diagnosed with cancer around the world.

Leading Causes of Death in Perspective 2

Having a lot of fat inside your body is not a good thing. Obesity means you have a weight more than 20% of what you should actually weigh. This is not just about how you would look physically, but you should be aware that being obese gives you a higher chance of getting diabetes, chronic respiratory ailments, and heart diseases.

Nobody can tell you how you should live your life, but having a lot of illnesses is like someone stealing all the glory from you of living a happy life. Death would come sooner or later, but it would not matter how long you have been living your life, but the fun you had with it. Diseases are among the main causes of sudden death, so the best thing you can do is take good care of your body like you would never live another day tomorrow.