You’ve probably heard it a lot of times: crash diets are not good for you. They are unhealthy and they don’t work. However, not everyone has enough time to drop pounds at a normal pace, which is why some people turn to crash diets. If this is your case, you can take the cue from doctors and weight loss experts. Whenever they need to lose weight fast, they make sure their crash diet is not only effective, but safe as well.

What to Include in Your Crash Diet Plan

An effective crash diet can have the following on the menu:

1. Eat fresh fruits and veggies to get the carbs you need. Add lean protein to your diet, including fish and chicken to remove fluid retention due to high sodium intake. Instead of having three meals every day, replace one with just protein shake.

2. Eat your favorite cheat food, so you can withstand your cravings much easier.

3. Count your calories and make sure you don’t go over 350 calories per meal every day. Divide into six small meals that include lean protein every time you eat. Snack on some green apples and have your dinner at seven or earlier.

4. Don’t have exciting flavors on your meals, such as adding spices and seasonings. This will only encourage you to eat more.

5. Here’s a sample menu for a crash diet that works: for breakfast, have a bowl of whole grain cereal. Add some berries and skim milk. For lunch, eat green salad with egg whites and lentils. For dinner, have salad again with cooked veggies, grilled chicken or fish, and pasta, whole grain bread or any grains.

Complement your diet with physical and mental exercises:

1. For busy individuals, have at least a 30-minute walk with two-pound weights. If you have some time, do a two-hour walk. You can also go swimming or bike riding every day.

2. Accept that there will be temptations, but know how to negotiate with them.

3. Do two sessions of cardio exercises at least three times a week.

4. Strength training is also helpful. You can do one session for three days every week or during the days when you’re not doing cardio exercises.

Crash diets provide you with a quick way to lose the flab, but this doesn’t guarantee that everything will work for you. What’s important is to stay motivated. Make sure that you still take care of your health. The abovementioned crash diet options are less extreme than those you can find elsewhere. Plus, they are approved by health experts.