Your genitalia is not just about your sex life. It’s a part of your body and definitely a very important one. While you’ve been with it since you were born, you probably don’t know as much as you think you do about your lady parts.

In fact, so many women don’t even know what a vulva is and how most of them think everything down there is called a v*gina. But more importantly, this part of the body sends out clues on whether you’re healthy or not. If you think you have problems – regarding health, that is – look no further than your own genitalia.

What You Ate Reflects on Your Organ Down There

Believe it or not, food can affect your down there:

  • If you ate asparagus and other smelly foods, such as red meat, broccoli, onions, and garlic, you can already guess that your organ down there won’t have a nice, clean smell. In fact, it will smell more pungent than normal.
  • If you had too much carbs, which include cake, cookies, pizza, pasta, and yes, alcohol, this can cause your organ down there to have yeast infection.

So what should you eat to make your organ smelling fresh and clean? Wild grains, fruits, and yogurt are your organ’s best friends.

When was the last time you actually checked it? / Photo by Mad Max Fury Road
When was the last time you actually checked it? / Photo by Mad Max Fury Road

It’s a Girl Thing

From ovulation to getting close to your period, your organ has something to say about these situations:

  • You will know you’re ovulating if you have more discharge than usual – 30x more than you’ve ever felt and seen during the month.
  • You’ll also notice more discharge when you’re close to your period. Your organ will also feel a little painful and it will be pretty sensitive than any other time of the whole month.
  • Another reason why you have more discharge than normal is because you’re pregnant. Known as leucorrhea, the discharge is a sign that you’re expecting.

Private Part Problems

Are you stressed? You can tell with your organ down there.

  • Being stressed means a dry organ. And what’s worse is that it becomes susceptible to infections due to bacterial imbalance.
  • But is it really an infection? If it smells fishy and looks like gray, green, or yellow in color, this is vaginosis. Don’t start panicking as this can be treated with antibiotics. Meanwhile, if it’s itchy and appears like cottage cheese, it’s a yeast infection.

If you feel unexplained burning or any kind of pain, along with signs such as blisters and sores, it is time to go to the gynecologist as immediately as possible.