When it comes to food, French people have straightforward beliefs: food should be full of flavor and should satisfy you. There’s no such thing as low fat, low calorie, or low carb – it’s just about enjoying food. Eating and maintaining weight is not just about what you eat, but also how you act with your food.

Paris France Food HealthEat with Family

If you have kids, you should eat your meals together. Make sure there are no distractions. Kids are trained when they are three, so it’s easy for them to behave well when they’re at restaurants.

It’s All about Quality

Occasionally, treats are okay, but eating whole foods is the main priority.

Eat Slowly

The brain processes that you are eating, but this happens 15 minutes late on average. When you eat slowly, just like how French people do, you allow your brain to tell you that you’re full, instead of overeating.

Drink Water

While they also drink wine after a meal, French people drink water, either sparkling or regular water.

Diet Does Not Exist

As mentioned, there’s no such thing as low carbs for the French. They also don’t label some foods as “bad” unlike what most people do. Instead, they enjoy what they eat, while stabilizing their metabolic process by knowing their limit for food.

Eat Light at Night

The French eat heavy for lunch. But when it comes to dinner, they just have a simple meal consisting of salads, soups, or an omelet. They would have a fruit or yogurt for dessert.

Eat Vegetables

Everyone knows veggies are good for the body. However, not a lot of people like to eat some greens. The French train their children to eat vegetables at a very young age. The kids don’t have to like the veggies, but their parents make sure they taste them.

Portion Control is Key

French people don’t eat emotionally. Instead, they choose food that is full of flavor and will give them satisfaction. Women don’t eat a bag of potato chips when they are feeling down; they opt for bread and chocolate. This may make you wonder why they don’t get fat. The answer is they control the portions of their food. Eating moderately is their way to stay slim.

For the French, parents should teach their children how to eat right. This is not a job for teachers at school. In understanding how to treat and act with food at a young age, people in France learn how to behave correctly with their meals as adults.