Those on a diet fear that they can’t eat what they want. But miniature foods have started appearing on social media, giving hope to those who want to eat mini pizzas, burgers, and pancakes.

You see, if you’re really into healthy foods, you’ve probably heard about the “cucamelon.” It’s like a combination of cucumber and watermelon with a mild citrus flavor. It’s so tiny that it is just the size of a grape. And after the cucamelon craze, here comes another little food: mini avocados, also known as babycados.

What’s Good about the Miniature Avocados?

The little avocados were first spotted in the United Kingdom this January. Since then, many people have been talking about it, especially on Instagram. Famed retailer Marks and Spencer were the first to sell the very tiny Hass avocados. One of the reasons why many people are obsessing over the miniature avocados is that they are so adorable. Just imagine seeing avocados that are even smaller than eggs.

But being cute shouldn’t be the only reason why you’re hurrying up to a store to look for these mini avocados. If you’re on a diet, you will appreciate these small fruits because they are good for you. While they may not have the same amount of nutrients as that of a regular avocado, given the fact that they are incredibly small, the miniatures are perfect for portion control. Avocados, although they are quite nutritious, have always been the subject of many criticisms because of its high amounts of calories and fat. But these two are things you shouldn’t worry with the very small versions of the fruit.

avocado-mashedWhy Portion Control

If you’ve been having trouble losing weight, perhaps portion control is the best method for you. From time to time, we tend to overeat, especially during special occasions. But with portion control, you eat in small amounts, but you can eat as frequent as you can – usually up to six meals a day. Here are the benefits of learning to control your portions:

  • You save money since you will be eating less.
  • You aim at getting the best combination of nutrition and taste.
  • It prevents binge eating.
  • It promotes proper digestion.
  • Your glucose levels don’t go through unhealthy changes.

Mini avocados are just like regular avocados, except for the size. They are a tasty treat and can be a part of your sandwiches, salads, and smoothies just like with the conventional ones – minus the guilt and the tendency of overeating.