For most people, going to the gym for working out is from five in the morning till five in the afternoon. But if you work at different shifts or your only available time is at midnight, you don’t have to neglect your weight and your health because you’re too busy.

There are studies though that evening exercise has a negative effect on our bodies, including some claims that it can cause insomnia or that it won’t last as a workout routine for long.

If morning exercises work for you, then by all means stick with them. But if you want to try midnight exercises, here are some reasons why you could benefit from them:

1. There’s no crowd.

When it comes to going to the gym, there are more people who like to exercise in the morning than at night. Early birds do get the worm, but night owls get not only the extra towels, but also a choice of which treadmill to use and more elbow room for weightlifting.

2. There are fewer rules.

Since it’s just you and the night crew, the setting is more laidback at the gym. There are some strict rules at the gym that you may not even think about breaking during daytime, but at nighttime, some simple rules, such as using the cardio machines for extra minutes, wouldn’t be so bad.

3. It’s easier to de-stress.

If you’ve had a long day, you can use your workouts to let go of that stress. Yoga classes, such as restorative and yin yoga, are among the best ways to unwind.

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4. You can sleep better.

While there are studies that say exercising close to bedtime can cause insomnia, there are also studies that say lifting weights in the evening can give better quality and longer sleep compared to doing the same workout during daytime.

Once you’ve decided to go to the gym and workout at midnight, here are some tips to help you with your choice:

  • Wear the right workout attire even though you know there will not be a lot of people at the gym.
  • Be careful as you drive to the gym and traverse the parking lot.
  • Don’t leave your machine behind; make sure you clean it off when you’re done working out.
  • Respect the gym and the people who work there.

While the American Council on Exercise says that exercising in the morning is much better if you want to stick to the routine, working out with a partner can help you keep your workouts consistent. Being a night owl isn’t an excuse to skip exercising. In fact, it is a great chance to visit the gym and exercise when most gym buffs are sleeping.