While the uncircumcised penis does get some support from people, most are not ashamed of being frank about the uncut version of the male organ. From unhealthy to dirty to gross, the uncircumcised seem to have a hard life.

But is it really true? Is the uncut penis really dirtier and the cut ones are more hygienic? According to some medical experts, the answer is not necessarily yes.

The Truth about Uncircumcised Penis and Its Hygiene

The main advantage of circumcised penises over uncircumcised ones is that they are much easier to clean. But those who are advocates of the uncut should not be put down. The task is not difficult, but many men become too lazy to clean the area underneath the foreskin. Washing the area is not an arduous job as it only requires the following steps:

  1. Pull the foreskin back.
  2. Clean the area beneath the foreskin.
  3. Use water and mild soap.
  4. Rinse and dry.
  5. Pull the foreskin back into its original place.

The steps are quite easy that parents should start teaching their children at an early age.

Health Disadvantages UncircumcisedWith the hygiene question aside, are there any more drawbacks if you have an uncircumcised penis? Unfortunately, the answer to this is yes. Here are some of them:


Men who have chosen not to go with the cut route are more likely to acquire infections, particularly urinary tract infections or UTI. But there’s good news: the chance of getting the infection is incredibly low. This is therefore not an enough reason to choose to be circumcised.

Foreskin Infection

Having an uncircumcised penis also exposes you to some risks, including getting the foreskin to become infection. However, if you have good hygiene and you follow the steps above for cleaning your penis, this should not be a problem at all.


A mixture of oils from the body and dead skin cells, smegma is naturally occurring in both male and female genitals. But it is more common under the foreskin of an intact penis. Smegma is not all that bad as it actually helps in lubrication so that the foreskin can be pulled back without issues. However, if you don’t clean your penis properly and regularly, smegma can change in color and can be very disgusting in smell.

HIV Risk

Studies have proven that being uncut can increase your risk of acquiring HIV. But there are condoms you can use, which can drastically reduce contracting the disease whether you are circumcised or not.

While having an uncircumcised penis can mean more attention to cleaning the male genitalia than people who have cut penises, you won’t have a problem with smell or other foreskin issues if you know how to clean it properly.