Acne – it’s that one word you don’t want attached to your name, and your face, literally. It might have just been a teenage phase to a few blessed people but to many of us it’s something we have to live with even in adulthood. So unless you have a perfect and mannequin like skin, this article is for you.

There are plenty of theories and stories on acne, some are true and some are just plain baloney, but as it turns out there are acne myths that are actually true.

A dermatologist at Boston Medical Center was interviewed by the web series called #OWNSHOW and she revealed a few things you need to know if you’re concerned about acne. Listen to Dr. Emmy Graber at the end of the article.

Here are the discussed myths:

1. Stress causes acne in all people

That is true and the connection between your stress level and your skin might vary from people to people but it exists. There are people with perfect skin but only if they are not stressed, stress them out and the breakout begins.

2. Eating pizza can cause acne

That favorite food of yours can be causing you acne. Why? It’s all in the ingredients: oil and carbohydrates. No wonder many college people have a lot of acne; pizza is practically their go to food.

3. There are different types of acne and among them is one that is stress-related

Supporting myth number 1 is this fact. If you think your stress is causing you acne on top of well, already bombarded face you may be right.