From Halloween to New Year’s, an American can gain a pound on average. This may not sound like something to worry about, but think about it.

If you continuously put on a pound or two each year, you would gain up to 20 more pounds in just 10 years. Keep this up and you could be on your way to becoming obese. This is why it is important to prevent weight gain during the holidays.

Thankfully, even though you’ll be facing sweet beverages, decadent desserts, and foods that are so high in calories, you can keep yourself from gaining extra weight this holiday season with these tips:

Choose the Right Foods

Add foods that have high water content to keep you fuller for a longer time. Plus, the water they contain can hydrate you. Oftentimes, these foods come with several nutrients, including:

  • Fiber for better digestion
  • Vitamins for a healthier body
  • Potassium, which counters the effects of salty foods

It is also good to eat protein-rich foods, especially in the morning. Have some eggs and Greek yogurt, which can help give you extra energy to last throughout the day. There is even a study performed at the St. Louis University that say people who eat eggs for breakfast can lose up to 65% more weight than individuals who eat bagel as their first meal during the day. Other protein-rich foods include:

  • Shrimp
  • Beans
  • Poultry
  • Salmon

Know What to Avoid

Although booze will be everywhere and will really be tempting, you should stay away from any alcoholic beverage if you don’t want to pack more pounds. While drinking does not have as many calories as solid foods, it is easy to give in to an extra piece of dessert or an extra plate of food when you don’t avoid alcohol.

Aside from the liquid calories, make sure you don’t eat the leftovers. Do the same if you’re the host. Instead of reheating the leftovers to eat for the next day, give them to your guests, so that you are not tempted to eat

More Tips

You can maintain your waist size even during the holidays with the tips below:

  • Don’t go to a party hungry.
  • Fill your plate once instead of going back and forth the table for the party foods.
  • Chew gum for about 45 minutes after you’ve had lunch to stop having cravings.
  • Bring your own food, which should be a healthy option, especially if you know you will only see sweets and carbs at the party you’re about to attend to.

You probably focus on the food and drink you consume, but the pounds you gain are not just from them. In fact, the biggest culprit is the change in your routine. Because it is vacation, you’re probably mostly in bed or just doing nothing. Make sure you stand up and do some exercises every once in a while to keep a healthy weight this holiday season.