Smelling flatulence is not something you would be proud of. Aside from the stinky aroma, it is also a bad habit you may want to get rid of. Not so fast though – scientists have discovered that farts have a potent compound that can help you fight cancer, among other serious illnesses.

The Stinky Compound

Unknown to many, the smelly compound in farts has some health benefits. It could stave off a number of diseases, including cancer, strokes, dementia, and heart attacks. The compound that the researchers have been raving about is hydrogen sulfide, which is one of the bad smelling gases produced when bacteria break down food in your stomach and other parts of the digestive system.

There are explosive benefits, no pun intended / Image: 20th Television
There are explosive benefits, no pun intended / Image: 20th Television

Note though that hydrogen sulfide is not safe when inhaled in large amounts. However, if it is present in small amounts, such as in farts, it may have the ability to protect you against illness as it prevents cell damage. This statement came from the Exeter University experts who studied the benefits of smelling farts, particularly hydrogen sulfide.

How Farts Protect You

When you have a disease, your cells become stressed. You can de-stress them by smelling farts as the cells try to catch some enzymes in order for them to generate a few more amounts of hydrogen sulfide. As this happens, mitochondria health is preserved, which help in driving the production of energy in your blood vessels. Additionally, this results to regulating inflammation, which is one of the causes of cancers and other diseases. Mitochondria are important as they are where the cells get energy; without them, the cells would die.

The mentioned researchers have harnessed the potent gas’ ability with a new compound they have called AP39. The AP39 is designed to assist the body when it comes to producing the ideal quantities of the gas, hydrogen sulfide. This way, it will be much easier for the body to fight off mitochondrial damage. In cases where the damage has already started, AP39 is believed to have the ability to reverse the danger. If this works, it could do wonders since the reparation process is one of the most effective and important strategies in treating health conditions, including heart failure, arthritis, diabetes, and stroke.

This research is very helpful for many patients. Hydrogen sulfide is now known to regulate inflammatory responses, vascular function, and neurotransmission among many other things. Next time you inhale a friend’s fart, instead of complaining, be thankful as it could save you from cancer.