When we speak of birth control pills or contraceptive pills, we automatically assume someone is using them to prevent conceiving.

But that is not all these pills can do. In fact, there is a survey that found over 50% of women use birth control pills for other reasons, not just to avoid getting pregnant. The so-called pill does have other uses and as a woman, it is helpful that you are aware of them:

1.) For Regular Periods

Using contraceptive pills allows you to track your period easily. It will depend on the type of pill you are using.

  • If you’re using the traditional ones, you will get your period when you take the inactive pills, which are consumed a week after the active pills with hormones.
  • If you use the extended cycle pills, the active pills you take will be much longer. Instead of three weeks, which is usually the duration for the traditional contraceptives, you will take them for three months before you take a break. This means that you will have your period four times a year maximum.

2.) For Lighter Periods

If you have been having problems with heavy bleeding or menorrhagia, you can use pills to prevent it from happening again.

Women have been using contraceptive pills for their other health benefits
Women have been using contraceptive pills for their other health benefits

3.) For Anemia

Heavy menstrual bleeding, which affects about 10% of women, can lead to anemia if the condition is not treated. Since the pill can give you lighter periods, blood loss can be avoided through thinning the uterine lining.

4.) For Comfort

90% of women are familiar with dysmenorrhea or the pain that comes with menstruation. It can become too painful but thankfully, this can be avoided with the pill as it can cause the uterus to reduce production of the chemicals that trigger the cramps.

5.) For PMS Symptoms

From mood swings to headaches to other PMS symptoms, they can be prevented with the pill – even symptoms of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), which is the severe form of PMS.

6.) For Migraines

Most women who get their periods have migraines with them because there’s a drop of the hormone estrogen. Pills can stop hormonal imbalance that can also prevent menstrual headaches and migraines.

7.) For Male Hormones

Even though you’re a female, you also make male sex hormones but in smaller amounts. These hormones cause excessive hair growth and acne. Contraceptives can help clear your skin problems as they slow down the production of these hormones.

8.) For Cancer Prevention

Probably the best use of birth control pills is that they can protect women against ovarian and uterine cancers. These two cancers affect a lot of women, but the pill can lower chances of developing cancer by up to 50%.