The damson plum or just damson is a mysterious type of plum that many people haven’t heard of. The reason for this is probably due to the fact that their cousins overshadow them. However, these plums actually have almost the same taste that you are used to with other plums – except for being a bit more astringent.

You can eat these fruits fresh, but they are mostly used in jellies and jams. Regardless of how you want to consume the damson plums, they can become a part of your healthy diet. Damsons are high in riboflavin and vitamin C. They also contain fiber, along with other minerals, such as copper, manganese, magnesium, and phosphorus. With each serving, you can get a handful of health benefits, including:

  • A More Improved Digestive Health

Because the damsons are rich in dietary fiber, you could have a better functioning digestive tract. This is because fiber helps move the food along the digestive tract, enabling easier digestion. Fiber is also useful in eliminating cramping, bloating, and constipation. Regular intake of fiber is said to be beneficial for people with high risk of acquiring gastric ulcers and colorectal cancer.

  • A Healthier Heart

Once again, fiber has a role to play in your heart’s health. This nutrient can help reduce the cholesterol levels in your body, specifically the bad cholesterol. As a result, you get to maintain good cholesterol balance within the body. Apart from fiber, the potassium that the fruit contains serves as a vasodilator, which means that it can relax your blood vessels when they get tensed, thereby reduces the chances of high blood pressure and strains on your cardiovascular system.

  • Increased Energy Levels

If you feel sluggish in the afternoon, you can snack on damsons. These fruits have high levels of iron and copper, which can contribute to a more improved circulatory system. Because the fruit contains high amounts of iron, this can boost your red blood cell count, which makes it easier to combat iron-deficiency anemia. In return, you have a more energized body with enhanced oxygenation process.

Damn if you don't eat damsons, pardon the pun / PicHelp
Damn if you don’t eat damsons, pardon the pun / PicHelp
  • Lower Chances of Cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease that affects millions of people worldwide.  Research has shown that phytonutrients can reverse cancer cells, especially those that cause breast cancer. Damson plums contain these phytonutrients, which are present in their skin.

Damsons are indeed healthy, but you may want to avoid them if you are diabetic. They contain high amounts of sugar that may cause problems with your present health condition.