Whether you are eating at a restaurant or you want to have a simple dinner at your place, you surely prefer eating foods as they are advertised. However, the best way to get what you pay for is to go for fresh, whole foods.

Unfortunately, most of us choose convenience over real foods. Before you put things in your mouth, make sure they are not “fake.” Here is a list of foods that are not what they seem to be:

1. Processed Cheese

Products, such as Cheez Whiz dips, are definitely NOT made from organic aged cheddar cheese. What’s so surprising is that the yellowish-orange “cheese” product does not even have the main ingredient itself: cheese. Instead, what it actually gives you is 1/3 of the daily limit for sodium and fat in just two tablespoons.

2. Crab Sticks or Meat

If you love sushi, you probably think the crab pieces that you get from the sushi you eat are real meat from the crabs. Sadly, you’re actually eating imitation crab, which is known as kamaboko or a processed type of seafood that comes from pulverized paste from the flesh of white fish, also known as surimi. While the crab sticks do have some actual fish in there, they have a ton of additives and preservatives that are definitely not good for you.


3. Juice

If you love Tang fruit juices, what you’re actually drinking is just sugar with very little amount of juice from real fruits (at most two percent). You probably think they do taste very much like the actual source, but they have plenty of artificial flavors to add to the taste. Additionally, you should always be picky with the bottle of pomegranate juice you drink. According to the Food Fraud Database of the US Pharmacopeial Convention, pomegranate juices are actually made from skins and juice of grapes.

4. White Bread

White bread is processed in order to reach its color. To do this, the nutrients should all be removed and the flour should be bleached. While there are vitamins in the bread, they are all synthetic, which is why they are called fortified bread. Note that all white breads and other foods that contain refined flours, including baked goods, crackers, and cereals are toxic to our bodies, so you should stop eating them.

The truth is that the diet trend for the past 10 years or so has become one of the biggest scams in the food market of the world. There are too many products with artificial sweeteners, unnatural preservatives, and other additives that can harm our health.