Healthy Foods You Can Eat Even When You’re Broke AF

Healthy Foods You Can Eat Even When You’re Broke AF

Many people choose to eat processed foods because they are conveniently easy to prepare. But the biggest reason is not because they are tasty; it’s because they are cheap. Eating healthy means you need to shell out some money and who wants to spend cash on leaves that taste bitter or even bland?

But it doesn’t mean you can’t eat healthy if you don’t have money. In fact, you can enjoy the health benefits of good food even when you’re broke. Here are ways to do that:

Plan ahead.

Know your budget first and plan your meals for the next few days. Check your pantry and decide which ones you need to buy. Have a grocery list and make sure you stick to it.

Don’t eat out.

This is expensive, especially if it’s a regular activity. Plus, restaurant foods are full of oil, sugar, and salt. They’re not healthy at all.

Buy in-season produce.

Seasonal veggies and fruits are less costly because they are in abundance. As much as possible, buy them by bag instead of by piece. Just store them in your fridge to use them for later.

Non-perishables should be bought in bulk.

Grains, canned proteins, and beans should be in bulk, especially when they are on sale. Stock up your kitchen for as much as you can. Place brown rice, barley, millet, dried fruits, and oats in a sealed container, so you can take advantage of their long shelf life.

Stop buying junk food.

Instead of spending money on chips, soda, and other prepackaged meals, go for healthy foods instead. Cutting your junk food consumption will make a huge difference on your savings.

So what kind of healthy foods can you eat? Here are some ideas:

  • Chicken breast: Full of protein and vitamin B6, this versatile part of the chicken normally costs $4 max.
  • Brown rice: For just $1 per one pound, whole grains like brown rice have been linked longevity.
  • Spinach: For only $2 per bag, spinach is one of the healthiest foods in the planet.
  • Eggs: Priced at about $7 (max) per dozen, eggs are very nutritious with all the nine essential amino acids.
  • Canned Fish: If you’re going to eat a prepackaged food, go for canned fish like salmon, sardines, and tuna. For only $2-$5, you can enjoy the very healthy omega-3s.

Healthy food doesn’t always mean expensive. With the right plan and the determination to stay away from bad food, you can have nutritious items in your kitchen in no time.