Hibiscus is a flowering plant from the Malvaceae family. It grows in warm and tropical parts of the world with its flower looking quite distinct. You can recognize it as the national flower of different countries, including Malaysia, South Korea, and the Republic of Haiti. In Hindu religion, the flowers are used in interpreting divine mysteries.

The hibiscus plant has many other uses, including for our health and beauty. Here are some of its benefits:

Hibiscus Hair Benefits

1. Hibiscus has vitamin C and essential minerals, along with polyphenols that can help protect the body against chronic inflammation. Using the flowers of the plant can help cure hair problems, including hair loss. To use hibiscus as a hair loss treatment, you will need to take some flowers, let them dry up, and ground them into fine powder. You can apply the powder onto your wet hair as you shower.

2. The flower of the plant can also help remove head lice. Use the same treatment described above to get rid of those pests in your hair.

3. Hibiscus plant can also aid in preventing premature graying of hair. You will need to drink hibiscus tea, which is made from drying the leaves and flowers, as well as the calyces of the flower. The tea can stimulate the flow and production of blood, making sure that important nutrients spread through the hair follicles. You can also make a hibiscus paste if you don’t like the taste of this very sour tea.

Hibiscus plant aids in preventing premature graying of hair / PicHelp

Hibiscus Health Benefits

1. The same tea mentioned above can also help cure various ailments, including cold, fever, and constipation. For many decades now, hibiscus has been used in many traditional treatments For instance, in Egypt, extracts from the flowers are used to lower body temperature such as for those who have fevers.

2. Hibiscus tea is also helpful in people with hypertension as proven by a clinical trial in which blood pressure in participants decreased.

3. The oil extract from the plant can also be used to treat wounds, including open sores and those that are caused by cancer. Therefore, the plant is useful in the beginning stages of the deadly disease. The extract can speed up healing of the open wounds to minimize infection.

4. You can also drink the tea to lower your LDL cholesterol. The sour tea has good effects in the health of the arteries by reducing plaque in them, which eventually lead to lower cholesterol levels.

The hibiscus plant is indeed useful for our health. From the leaves which are consumed in different ways to the flowers to make the tea, hibiscus is a popular remedy to your health problems.