There are foods that are good for you when you are on a mission to lose weight. Fruits, veggies, and lean meats can help you avoid looking bloated all the time. However, if there are good ones, there is certainly a list of foods that you need to avoid like a plague. This list comprises of the following diet disasters that will only add to the flab:

1. Foods Loaded with Trans Fat: This is a sneaky type of fat that can be hard to find unless you inspect the label of the food you are craving for. You should avoid everything that has this since trans fat is a toxic kind of fat that not only increases your bad cholesterol levels, but also damages your blood vessels.

2. Sweeteners: It doesn’t matter whether it’s natural or artificial; anything with sweeteners is bad for you. Instead of passing through your cell walls, they require gut bacteria to break them down, which causes bloating and gas.

Yep, get your hand off that cookie jar / PicHelp
Yep, get your hand off that cookie jar / PicHelp

3. High Lactose Products: Milk and dairy products often have high lactose content, which aggravate your gut because lactose is digested in the small intestine through lactase, an enzyme. Some people don’t have this enzyme, which means lactose won’t be digested at all.

4. Foods with Saturated Fat: High saturated fats can mean high cholesterol levels and inflammation. Eating foods that are rich in this type of fat can also contribute to having clogged arteries.

5. Foods with High Carbs: Stay away from bad carbs if you want to lose weight because they can disrupt the balance of the good and bad bacteria in your gut. This then triggers inflammation and can also cause you to gain more weight.

6. Foods with Too Much Fructose: This is a type of sugar that you can find in apples, asparagus, and honey. Compared to glucose, fructose can give you gas, diarrhea, and bloating.

7. Beans and Nuts: Humans naturally have no enzyme to digest beans and nuts, so gut bacteria have to do the job.

8. Foods with Fructan: This is a type of fiber you can find in garlic and onions that can cause flatulence. Other foods that have fructan include legumes, inulin additives, and barley.

9. Green Salad Alternatives: You probably turn to coleslaw if you are tired of your green salads, but this is actually one of the foods you need to avoid. It has disproportionate calorie amounts and comes with fatty mayonnaise. On average, you can get at least 260 calories per serving.

10. Packaged Foods: If you want to lose weight, avoid packaged foods at all costs. Unsurprisingly, they are loaded with calories and usually go through a process that makes them unhealthy.

 The foods in this list will cause you to pile on pounds, which is why whenever feasible, avoid them to finally achieve your goal of losing weight.