As you wear your favorite jacket and your teeth chatter, the other people at your workplace are comfortable with the temperature –even wearing short sleeves. You will notice that men fan themselves, while women wear extra layers of clothing. Science has an explanation for this.

Two Dutch scientists studied the reason why the two sexes feel different temperatures despite being in the same environment. Here’s what they discovered:

  1. Women are more comfortable at higher temperatures.
  2. Men readily feel warmer than women.
  3. Women need extra warmth of about 2.5C than men.
  4. Women feel warmer in temperatures that are at least 24 to 25 degrees C.

Now, why is this so? One of the researchers, Professor Paul Thornalley from the Warwick Medical School has some explanations and these include the difference of the following between the two genders:

  1. Metabolic rate
  2. Body heat production

Metabolism and Body Heat

The metabolism of a person is responsible for producing energy. Heat is a form of energy. When metabolism is resting, there is only minimal energy needed for every unit of time. Therefore, we can safely say that men have a higher metabolic rate than their counterpart.

According to Thornalley, the resting metabolic rate can be determined by getting the fat-free body mass in the body, which then accounts for about 60% of the difference between a man’s and woman’s metabolic rate when resting. In other words, since men are mostly made up of fat-free body mass, they have higher metabolism, causing them to feel warmer than women.

Other Factors

Women and Men's body have a lot of difference, and it affects how they are at work / PicHelp
Women and Men’s body have a lot of difference, and it affects how they are at work / PicHelp

In other studies, researchers also provided some more reasons as to why men and women do not feel the same warmth or coolness despite having the same temperature. These factors that affect how people perceive the temperature around them include:

  • Hypothyroidism: Based on studies, women are more prone to this health condition in which the thyroid does not function well. This then causes the person to feel colder than normal.
  • Exclusive Situations: Women have their menstrual cycles and they also have to undergo menopause during their later years. These occurrences can cause them to have an irregularity on how they feel at work or even at their homes.
  • Muscle Mass: Men have more muscle mass than men and this results to a much lower body temperature.

According to Professor Thornalley though, not everyone is the same. There are men who have lower metabolism and there are women who can quickly break down the food they eat.