Dead bodies can end up under the sea for some reason. But regardless of what the reason is, there was no proof on what will happen to them – until now. A team of researchers from Canada decided to conduct an investigation as to what happened to bodies at the bottom of the ocean, particularly if they decompose.

What Happens To A Dead Body In The Ocean

The study was conducted at the Saanich Inlet by researchers Lynne Bell and Gail Anderson who deposited three bodies of pigs in the mentioned body of water and observing what happened to it for three years using underwater cameras. The pigs were chosen because they have similar characteristics of the gut microbe size and fauna of humans as well as their body hair and skin.

What Happened to the Pigs?

The first two pigs that were dropped were almost unrecognizable after three weeks. Crustaceans stripped them down to the bone, feeding on the carcasses. However, the third pig needed more than three months to be fully eaten by the scavengers.

According to the researchers, they discovered that lack of oxygen has a say on how fast a body would take to disappear in the ocean. They believe this solves the mystery of floating feet where a person wearing sneakers who died in a body of water would have his feet floating on top of the water.