Pesticides are primarily used during harvesting of crops and while some of them are removed, there are residues that could still be present in the food you eat. This is frightening, especially since these pesticides could harm, not only adults, but most especially children.

Eating fruits and vegetables that are exported from other countries may mean that you consume the pesticides as well. To get that peace of mind whenever you serve a meal to your family, you should know how to remove pesticides. Luckily, there is one method that you can use to eat foods which are free from chemicals. Here are the very simple steps:

There's a way to keep your food safe from pesticides / PicHelp
There’s a way to keep your food safe from pesticides / PicHelp

1. Gather your fruits or vegetables.

2. Place them in a container with enough water.

3. Put some vinegar, approximately one cap of the liquid.

4. Let the produce soak in the mixture for 15 minutes.

5. Remove the veggies or fruits from the container.

6. Rinse well with water.

As you can see, the whole process is extremely simple, so there is no excuse not to do this simple method for pesticide removal. According to studies, vinegar can kill 98% of both pesticides and bacteria. Putting vinegar on your produce whenever you wash them can help eliminate these unwanted matters in the food you and your family consume.