If you feel your temper rising because your Internet connection is slow, you’re not the only one. In fact, one out of 10 adults feels like flying into rage whenever the connection slows down.

A recent study from Ericsson, a Swedish tech company, showed that delayed loading of web pages and pauses of videos due to buffering can increase our heart rate. It is like watching a horror film or even solving a mathematical problem and is therefore elevating our stress levels.

The study revolved around the eye movements, pulse rate, and the brain activity of the 30 Danish participants. They were observed based on how they reacted to slow Internet speeds as they perform tasks, including watching videos on YouTube and browsing the web. The participants were divided into three groups:

  1. One group without delays
  2. Another group with four to six seconds delay
  3. Last one with 10 to 14 seconds of delay
Does slow internet make you lose your chill?
Does slow internet make you lose your chill?

The researchers discovered that a 38% increase in heart rate happened when delays occurred. In return, the stress levels, which were measured by how much information is stored in the brain (cognitive load), also increased significantly.

Although the study only involved a small number of people, it cannot be denied that we are at the age of relying on smartphones and other devices. It is undeniable that losing Internet connection can become worrying to many individuals who have the constant need to check emails and even social media accounts.