Clothing and the manner of speaking are two of the most common ways for other people to view who you are from within. According to a new study though, there’s another one that can be used as a factor in forming the first impression: your walk.

How you walk can send other people a strong message about who you are as a person – even though it may not be real. Check out these types of strolling that psychologists and researchers from UK and Switzerland claimed can be used to judge an individual’s personality:

1. Driver (Dominant Walkers)

This type of walking shows that you are a fast walker with no intention of stopping once you know where you’re going. For other people, you’re someone who wants to get things done quickly. While it is an admirable trait as well as your ability to focus, you’re deemed as unapproachable and slightly aloof.

2. Corrector or (Cautious Walkers)

You have a precise walk, you don’t like to intrude on others’ spaces, and you follow the rules. You also seem aloof to other people, but they see you as unsure, shy, and introverted.

3. Influencer (Fast and Energetic Walkers)

This is similar to the Driver, but you have that confidence in you. For other people, you’re charismatic and fun to be with, but usually over-the-top.

4. Supporter (Steady Walkers)

With a smooth gait and a little bit of gesture while walking, this type of walker means he/she values people more than the task. This person may look a little lost, but he intends to be liked by others around him/her.

Aside from the types of walk, other factors can affect how people view you through your strolling style:

  • Speed: Your pace can tell your state of mind. Slow walkers often have things on their mind, while brisk walkers are usually more confident are more sure about themselves.
  • Heaviness or Lightness: A heavy gait can mean you’re depressed or feeling pain. Lightly walking on the ground can mean you’re happy.
  • Hands Position: For those who cross their arms while they walk, this may indicate they feel vulnerable, especially if you’re a woman walking in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

How you walk with your partner also shows the state of your relationship. Being in sync and escorting each other through each stride may mean you have a healthy and happy relationship. Nowadays, it is clear that people will judge you based on every little detail you show them, including your walking style. And as they say, first impressions last, so make every step count.