Eggs are nutritious and are therefore suggested to be a part of many people’s diet. Unfortunately, they are perishable, just like fish, poultry, and meat. You surely want to store them properly, so that they will last longer. You should know, however, that fresh eggs can last much longer than those that have been sitting at the food store for quite some time. As a huge bonus, only the freshest can show you how great-tasting eggs really are.

How to Tell If the Eggs are Fresh

When you look at the egg carton, you will find the date of when the eggs were packed. Sometimes though, the dates do not really tell you what you have to know, so that you can figure out how fresh they really are. There are some recipes that require you to use fresh eggs only. Perhaps you only want to use fresh eggs. Whatever your reason is, having fresh eggs is more beneficial than having old ones.

To find out if the eggs are fresh, just do this: look at the carton of eggs and find the three digit code on it. The code is not the sell-by-date; rather it is known as the Julian date. You should know that sell-by-dates are not necessarily what you need to tell whether the egg is fresh or not. This is because the date can be up to 45 days until the eggs are packed in the carton.

The Julian Date

If you take a good look at the carton of the egg you have in front of you, there is a code printed right at its side. The last three digits are what you have to take note of. This code starts from 001 to 365, which corresponds to the day when the eggs are packed.

To be clear, if you see a carton of an egg that has 001 as the code, this means that the eggs were packed on January 1st. If the carton shows you 365, it means the eggs were packed on December 31st. When deciding which one to choose, you should buy the eggs in which they are placed in a carton that has the highest number. Keep in mind that the codes wrap around the first month of the year.

Now you know what that number means, go and pick the freshest eggs / Lifehackr
Now you know what that number means, go and pick the freshest eggs / Lifehackr

Next time you go shopping for eggs, make sure that you inspect the carton first. Look for the three-digit code before you send the goods to the counter.